The main area in which all consumption is displayed at a glance on different levels. Properties, units and meter locations shown can be filtered by using the Portfolio View navigation on the left side of the screen.
Portfolio View
The navigation menu at the left side of your screen, which allows you to filter through different levels within the portfolio. This reflects the initial customer setup.
Quick View
The 24-hour display of one type of energy consumption that can be accessed on all levels through the dashboard by clicking the “bubble button” that shows consumption. The graph will fold out when the button is clicked once, and will fold back in once it is selected a second time. You have the option to open multiple Quick View graphs for easy comparisons.
Quick Find
The search bar you can find in the top right corner of your screen. Use it to find properties, units or meters you are looking for.
Graph View
A more detailed look at the consumption of a property, unit or single meter. Allows you to look at previous weeks, months and years and compare different time periods to one another. You can also export data via Excel or as a PNG file.
PV - Photovoltaic
The process of producing energy through the use of sunlight – mostly in the form of solar panels on large roofs or installed on open spaces.
EV - Electric vehicle
Electric vehicles (short: EV) are vehicles relying on electricity to power the engine and enable driving. There are also hybrid vehicles fueled both by petrol and electricity.
EVC – Electric vehicle charging
Electric vehicle charging (short: EVC) is the process of charging the battery of electric vehicles.
Carbon emissions
Amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by using energy resources.